09 April 2012

Lesson of the Week

Grandmaster Tactics

The core lesson for my scholastic chess teams this week comes from a game played in 1962: Spassky -- Evans. The entire game, and thus the answer to the exercise, can be found at "Instructive Games Worthy of Memorizing."

Find Boris Spassky's move from this position. He played the strongest move.

White to move

A second chess problem may be needed in certain groups. It comes from the final position in Carlsen -- Wang, Wijk aan Zee 2011. Wang Hao resigned. How might Carlsen continue if, instead of resigning, Wang had played 29...gxf6? The entire game, but not the answer to this problem, is at "Carlsen -- Wang Hao, Tata Steel 2011."

White to move

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