23 May 2013

Can White Win?

Can White win this position? Black appears to be near zugzwang, but how does White make progress?

White to move


  1. Whites biggest problem is the wrong bishop. If black succeeds in sacrificing the knights against the g- and h-pawn, the game is drawn.
    Therefore black must regroup a knight by Nh6-g8-f6 to attack the h-pawn.
    1. Kg2 Ng8 2. Kf3 Nf6 3. Kf4 Ne7 and black threatens Nxh5 and next Nxg6 with a draw.

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  3. After 1. g2 the direct attempt to catch the h5-pawn with 1 … Ng7 loses after 2. Be3
    2 … Nxh5 3. Bxh6 Kxa7 4. Be3+ Kb7 5. Kf3 (threatens to catch the knight after Bd4) Nf6 6. g7 Kc6 7. Bg5 is won
    2 … Nhf5 3. h6 Ne6 4. Kf2 +-