02 May 2013

Training Log: April 2013

Fighting Addiction

My progress towards my training goals in April ran aground of my need to play. In particular, I went on blitz binge, decided to temper it with new discipline, and then played 320 bullet games over a twenty-seven hour period. I posted my training goals as New Year's Resolutions on the last day of 2012.

1. In 2013, I will solve correctly 300 tactics problems each month.

I met this goal, completing 329 problems in the month. In April, my time for tactics training was spent playing chess online. However, I spent enough time on training that I met my tactics target. I am working through Level 3 on Chess Quest, and have done a few problems in Level 4.

I ignored Chessimo until near the end of the month. Although I have solved 3269 problems on Chessimo, I count towards the month's total only those problems solved six times. In April, I completed 60 problems for the sixth time each.

My web-based training (Chess Tempo and Chess.com) remains light with one Chess.com session and a few short Chess Tempo sessions. I resumed use of the Anthology of Chess Combinations late in April after neglecting it in March.

2. In 2013, I will study whole games and whole books.

I looked through a few of the games of Wilhelm Steinitz for my scholastic lessons, and started going through his annotations of the games of others. Nonetheless, my study of whole games was swamped by my play of blitz, bullet, and a handful of fifteen minute games.

3. In 2013, I will finish my Pawn Endgame Flash Card project.

I am continuing to use these flash cards in elementary classrooms while teaching beginners chess. Nonetheless, progress studying Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual and mastering the blue diagram positions must be rated lackluster.

4. In 2013, I will lose fifteen pounds.

I remain at my winter weight due to inconsistent exercise and too many fast food meals.


  1. I'm new to this blog. Please describe your Pawn Endgame Flash Card project.

    1. Hi Keith,

      Thanks for the question. I edited the post to add a hyperlink on the words "flash cards" to http://chessskill.blogspot.com/2012/03/pawn-endings-flash-cards.html, where I describe the project.

      The project is my effort to master the pawn endings in Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual.

  2. Chessimo does have an Endgame part with several pawnendings too. I wonder if you did try these. Tacticstraining is available "everywhere" but Strategy- and Engametraining not. And Chessimo has already a type of Flashcardsystem implemented.

    1. If you look at line 5 in the image, you will see Chessimo Endgames (and that it has been several months since I've used that feature). I do like it.

      Nothing beats the quality of Dvoretsky's blue diagrams and analysis, IMHO.