08 April 2014

Bailing Out

During a little more exploration of an obscure variation (the Ragozin), I found a game where Karel Opočenský (1892-1975) disliked the line he had chosen in this opening against Jindrich Engel, Bad Sliac 1932.

Black to move

Did Black have anything better than 15...Rxg2+ and the following forced repetition?


  1. He actually found Rxg2+, and then repeated instead of winning with Ng5? That is crazy. I can find the win after Rxg2 in a blitz game, or at least White would have to sac queen for knight.

  2. After that trade of queen for rook and knight, I still don't think White can hold. The Black rook will come to the sixth rank. Yeah, Rb1 is annoying, but still. Of course, some engine will find a way to hold maybe, maybe.

  3. After 15...Rxg2 16.Kxg2 Ng5 17.f4 the White king will find security on h1 and the rook guards most of Black's attacking squares. The other Black rook needs three moves to come to the attack, and I think that White will finish off Black in that time.