26 April 2014

Premature Resignation

In a game played via the ChessByPost app, my opponent resigned after what may have been a sub-optimal move. I spent a bit of time during several sessions stretched out over more than a day determining whether I wanted to pursue a particular course. I was uncertain of the merits of my plan. In the end, I decided to consider further before taking the next step. It was still possible to pull back and try something else.

Black to move

I played 44...Bd1+.

My plan was to meet 45.Kg3 with 45...Rf3+ 46.Kxg4 Rc6+ 47.Kh4 Rxc5 48.dxc5 Bxc2.

White to move

I thought that my bishop and king would be sufficient for the ending, but that it was still possible to go wrong. My opponent spared me the exercise and resigned after 44...Bd1+.

Postgame analysis with an engine reveals that I had two better moves: 44...Rf4 was best. I do not recall considering this move. 44...Kf7, which I considered, was better than the move played.

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