02 May 2015

Learn from Wins

White to move

From this position, White's position deteriorated and then he won on time. Such is the nature of blitz.

White had been pressing most of the game, but fell short finding the finish. What would you play?

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  1. 1.Qg4 threatens 2.Rxg5+. After 1...Kf8, 2.Rf5 RxR, 3.QxR+ Ke8, 4.Qf6 Kd8, 5.Qf8+ Kc7, 6.QxRe7 Kb8, 7.Qd8 Kb7, 8.Qd7+ Kb8, 9.e7 (w/idea of 10.e8(Q) mate)