19 November 2008

Another Failure: More Useful Practice

This position came about through play from Fred Reinfeld's Winning Chess Combinations and Sacrifices #340.

Black to move

Can Black give up the bishop?

I thought so and played 10...h5

After 11.axb6 cxb6 12.c4 Rxf3
This was my second effort. I tried 12...h4 on the first go, and after the engine and I each queened a pawn, White forced a draw by repetition.

13.c5 bxc5 14.b5 Ra3 15.Kb2 Ra5 16.Nc7

Black to move

It seemed to me that I had to take the pawn, so 16...Rxb5

The engine was able to stop all my pawns with the two knights. How can I improve on my play?

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