18 November 2008

Nine Seconds

Although I spent a full nine seconds--almost a Deep Think in three minute blitz,--my move from this position was only the third best. Even so, it was good enough.

White to move

I played 30.Qxf5. What two moves are better?


  1. What about 1d6?

    Advancing the d-pawn and after that perhaps even to d7 as to give the Black King less room and cover the landing squares for the White Queen as the Black Queen is driven away?

    I think ChessTiger's Qh5 is the other one.

  2. My thinking was to protect the e6 pawn, then push d5-d6. 30.Qxf5 also prepares Rxg6, but as chesstiger identified, Rxg6 is possible first. After 30.Rxg6+ Kh8 [30...hxg6 31.Rxg6++-] 31.d6+- White's attack is overwhelming.

    My opponent played 30...Rxd5, and I missed the easy checkmate in three, but went on to win anyway. Such is blitz.