13 November 2008

Play as Steinitz

Position from Steinitz-Chigorin, Havana 1892.

White to move


  1. Is that rook on e8 correct? If not then it's easy: 1. Bxd4+ Rf6 2. Rxh7+ Kxh7 3. Qh1+ Kg7 4. Qh8# .

    But with the rook on e8 i dont find an easy win, only a draw since white gets a rook for a bishop.

  2. Chesstiger,

    Yes, the position is correct. However, the line you give appears to be missing something because 4.Qh8 is not checkmate. Rather, 4...Rxh8 and Black is winning.

    The game is from Steinitz's World Chess Championship defense.

  3. Yeah i know, i only gave that line because WITHOUT that rook on e8 it's mate. You can even take with the king since Rf6 is blocking the bishop. Guess, doing it quickly at work is out of the question. ;)

    Know that i know that the rook belongs on e8 i guess i have to delve deeper into the game. Oh my brain hurts already. :-)

  4. I give up. Somewhere i must miss something because i dont see a win for white. :-ç