27 May 2009

Class A!

My goal was to reach a rating above 1800 by spring 2010. Now I need a new goal. Staying there is one idea. Reaching for 1900 is another.

I finished the Washington Open without a loss. I won two games, one against a class B player and one against a class A. I drew two class A players, and two class B.

My current rating is now 1819.


  1. Congratulations! You did it! Your example should encourage me :). I recently surpassed 1700, and same as you have 2 ideas, one - staying there and another - advancing.

  2. Congratulations! 1800! MAN I am just trying to get to a 1000!

  3. Tommy, getting to 1000 can be hard work. The surest road is tactics, tactics, tactics. Learn patterns that lead to checkmate; learn the patterns of double attacks: pins, skewers, discover, x-ray, forks, removing the guard, and so on.

    Thanks Wahrheit and RP for your continued support. I've had two strong tournaments in 2009 without a loss. In the Collyer in February I drew an expert that I'd lost to in the same event in 2008. Over the past year and a half, I have accumulated an even score against A players, so it makes sense that I should be among them.

    I have played fifteen standard rated games against players 1800+ since January 2008. I am 1/2-2 1/2 against a FIDE master; 1/2 - 1 1/2 against an expert; and 5 - 5 against all the A opponents. I have two wins against A players to balance the two losses to John Julian (currently 1997). Nine of the fifteen games have been draws, seven against A players.

    Now if I can just get closer to perfection against B and below, ... NEVER losing.

  4. Why stop at 1819, new hights are waiting!

    Congrats on being ahead of your schedule. A new goal is needed. Staying in your current rating range is a low goal so i advise to go for 1900+.

  5. My coach just gave me a beating on tactics! I am redoubling my efforts on those darn tactical motifs!

  6. Way to go. Great work paid off. Awesome.