15 May 2009

Media Coverage

The Washington State Elementary Chess Championship took place three weeks ago, and I'll soon be finished with my work relating to it. But, the local media attention it generated continues. Yesterday's edition of Northwest Profiles, a local public television series, had a story about the state elementary. The show had good photography of the event with a voice over from my interview. Lots of kids were put on camera answering one simple question: why do you like chess?

The Pacific Northwest Inlander had a photographer and reporter at the event most of the day, and I gave them the same leads I gave to the Spokesman-Review (see "Talented Children"). Luke Baumgarten took more time to understand the event and wrote a nice article: "Child's Gambit."

On Monday, the City of Spokane will be presenting a Mayor's Proclamation at the City Council meeting on behalf of youth chess. Because the controversial sign ordinance is on the agenda, there might be some reporters present. It's possible that chess will garner more media attention.

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  1. The "Child's Gambit" is indeed a wonderfull article. Very good promo for chess in my eyes.

    So when will be the next Spokane scholastic tournament? :-)