02 May 2009


During some brief tactics training early Wednesday morning, I came across this position from Brynell - Rantanen, Nykoping 1989.

White to move

The first move was easy to find, but somehow I missed how the queen could give herself up to force checkmate. This position became the tactics exercise I put in front of several groups of chess students. It took some prodding before one of the fifth graders found the correct answer.

Yesterday, while going through the winner of Chess Informant's Reader's Contest, I found this position among the variations. It might have occurred after the unplayed move 28.Qb5.

Black to move

At least one fifth grader could find the best move today.


  1. Is the first move of the first diagram Nh7?

  2. CT,

    No. 1. Qh7+ Kf8 2. Qh8+! (the move I missed) Bxh8 3. Nh7#

  3. Dangit, missed 2. Qh8+ aswell hence my search for something else and coming up with Nh7 as first move.