27 April 2013


Now that my bullet binge has run its course, and I've elevated my bullet rating a few points higher than when it began, it is time for chess that is a little more deliberate. In game 15, players have time to think. Combinations are possible.

Yesterday morning, I defended well against my opponent's threats and finally reached a position with a slight edge. My king needed to march into the center of the board where he could fend for himself. Instead I sent him into a corner where he was swiftly executed.

Black to move

After 43...Ke6, Black has a slight edge. I played 43...Kg8, walking into a checkmate in two. My opponent had a few seconds left. I had a few minutes left on the clock.

A few games later, my opponent crushed me but then let me have a tactic.

Black to move

I played 27...Nf4+, which leads no where unless White plays 28.gxf4?? He did.

In chess, players win because their opponents err. Some errors are so bad that a player wants to scream. These often stem from a moment of relaxation after the complicated period has ended.

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