24 April 2013

Beating the Bird

Before criticizing my opponent's errors, it must be noted that the game was played at bullet time control and that he might have been using premove.

Internet Opponent - Stripes, J [A02]
Live Chess Chess.com, 22.04.2013

1.f4 e5

The From Gambit is one of the lines I employ in over the board and correspondence play, too. It is not only for bullet.

2.fxe5 d6 3.exd6 Bxd6 4.Nf3 g5!?

This is the "take no prisoners" line of the From.

White to move

5.e4?! g4 6.e5??

6.d4 was necessary

6...gxf3 7.exd6 Qh4+ 8.g3

Black to move

8...Qe4+ 9.Kf2

9.Be2 fxe2 10.Qxe2 Qxe2+ 11.Kxe2 cxd6–+

9...Qd4+ 10.Ke1

10.Kxf3 Bg4+ 11.Kg2 Qd5+ 12.Kf2 Bxd1 13.Bg2 Qf5+–+

10...f2+ 11.Ke2 Bg4# 0–1

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