25 April 2013


Blitz is full of blunders. Play on and hope, and sometimes you are rewarded with a win.

Stripes, J (1858) - Internet Opponent (1928) [A40]
Live Chess Chess.com, 24.04.2013

1.d4 g6 2.Nf3 Bg7 3.e3 c5 4.c3 cxd4 5.cxd4 d6 6.Bc4 Nf6 7.Ng5 0–0 8.0–0 Nc6 9.Nd2 e5 10.dxe5 dxe5 11.a3 Bg4 12.Qb3 Qe7 13.Nde4 Na5 14.Qc3 Nxc4 15.Qxc4 Rac8=

16.Nxf6+ Bxf6 17.Qxg4 Bxg5 18.e4 Bxc1 19.Raxc1 Rxc1 20.Rxc1 Qd6 21.h4?! Qd2 22.Rc8??–+ Qxb2 

Black wins easily with 22...Qe1+ 23.Kh2 Qxf2

23.h5 Qxa3 24.h6 f5 25.Rxf8+ Qxf8?? 

25...Kxf8 maintains a winning advantage

26.exf5-/= Qxf5 27.Qc4+= Kf8 28.Qc5+ Ke8


29.Qb5+ Ke7 30.Qb4+ Ke6 31.Qb3+ Kf6 32.Qxb7 g5 33.Qa6+ Qe6 34.Qxa7 Qf5 35.f3=

29...Qc8 30.Qa4+ Qc6 31.Qa8+ Ke7 32.Qh8 Qc1+ -/+ 33.Kh2 Qxh6+ 34.Kg1 Qc1+ 35.Kh2 Qf4+ 36.Kg1 h5 37.Qg7+ Qf7 38.Qxe5+ Kd7 39.Qd4+ Kc7 40.Qc5+ Kb8 41.Qe5+ Qc7 42.Qe8+ Ka7 



43...Qc5 44.Qe4 b5 45.g3 b4 46.Qh7+ -/+ Ka6 47.Qd7 Ka5 48.Kg2–+

48...b3 49.Qd2+ Ka4 50.Qd7+ Qb5 51.Qd4+ Ka5 52.Qa7+ Kb4 53.Qd4+ Qc4 54.Qd6+ Kc3 55.Qf6+ Kc2 56.Qf5+ Qd3 57.Qxh5 b2 58.Qc5+ Kd2 59.Qg5+ Ke1 60.Qe5+


The final blunder.

60...Qe2-+ wins

61.Qxb2 Qe4+ 62.Kh3 Qh7+ 63.Kg2 Qe4+ 64.Kh3 Qf5+ 65.Kg2 Qe4+ 66.Kh2 Qh7+ 67.Kg1 Qe4 68.Qb3+ Ke2 69.Qe3+ Qxe3 70.fxe3 Kxe3 

We reach an instructive pawn ending. My opponent had less than fifteen seconds left to my minute, but with the clock times reversed, I would still have winning chances. No thought is needed to play this ending thanks to many hours of practice.

71.Kg2 Ke4 72.Kh3 Kf5 73.Kh4 Kg6 74.Kg4 Kh6 75.Kf5 Kh5 76.g4+ Kh6 77.Kf6 Kh7 78.g5 Kh8 79.Kf7 Kh7 80.g6+ Kh6 81.g7 Kg5 82.g8Q+ Kf4 83.Qe8 Kf3 84.Kf6 Kf2 85.Kf5 Kf1 86.Kf4 Kf2 87.Qe3+ 1–0


  1. In the endgame you made nice use of the concept of key squares. Congrats, nice game.

    1. Thanks. I've spent enough time with Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual that I can often play pawn endings reasonably well.