03 March 2010

Chessmaster versus Fritz: Footnote

From Ubisoft's forums for Chessmaster


Q: Is it possible to play online with people who have other versions of Chessmaster?
A: No. Due to the use of different protocols, you can only play against others who are using Chessmaster Grandmaster Edition.

The Playchess server, on the other hand, permits players with any version of Fritz or associated software to play in the same environment. Chessmaster's online play is not worth talking about. As a practical matter for the serious player, it does not exist.

Also see my "Chessmaster vs. Fritz: Analysis".


  1. Thanks for the info, James. I like ChessMaster because I can actually understand the info in the analysis. I don't know anything about Fritz, etc, and just need something to help me analyse my games. It catches my mistakes-I think-but it would be nice to be able to print it out. I'm not even sure it can do that! (Did I mention that I'm a newbie to chess?) Does Fritz or Shredder have any free demos so I can check them out?
    Total Newbie

    1. I understand the appeal of Chessmaster's natural language analysis. I was able to print out Chessmaster's analysis thirteen years ago (the lat time that I tried). I suspect that it is still possible. It is certainly possible to print out that of Fritz. Moreover, Fritz allows the user to control some of the formatting, choose from a handful of fonts, and to insert diagrams.

      A free version of ChessBase Reader is available: http://en.chessbase.com/pages/download. It probably comes with an older version of Fritz.