11 October 2008

Consequences of Blitz

Blitz can harm you. It can reinforce bad habits or it can depress you.

It is White's turn here.

White played 35.b6 and created a passed pawn. Is this an example of the "fox in the chicken coop"?

Hint: See Jose R. Capablanca, Chess Fundamentals, Chapter II: "Obtaining a Passed Pawn".


  1. I guess after 35. b5 the lines will be something like

    35. b6 axb6
    36. axb6 g3 (the breaking thru manouver of three pawns versus three pawns)

    37. fxg3 h3
    38 gxh3 f3 (since the pawn on e4 prevents the white king of coming over quickly on the diagnal f1-a6 black will get a promotion to queen soon)

    39. b7 Kc7
    and the rest is technique.

  2. Yes, that's how the game concluded. Black won with a classic breakthough. But White could have stopped Black's play cold. It is not an example of the fox in the chicken coop the way it was played, but if White had played 35.g3, Black could have resigned.