14 October 2008

Tactics at the Top

Former World Champion Vasily Smyslov gave lessons in the tactical motifs of clearance and discovery in a game against Wolfgang Uhlmann, played in 1971. The game was voted the best of Informant 12.

Black to move

Find Smyslov's combination.


  1. 1. ... Nxf2 2. Qxf2 Bxf3 3. Qxf3 Rxe5 and black has won a pawn and made the white e-pawn weak.

    This is probably not the solution but it's all i can see in such a short notice.

  2. Correct, although Uhlmann played differently:

    1...Nxf2 2.Qxf2 Bxf3 3.Bh3 Rxe5 4.Bxc8 Bc6 5.Bh3 Qe8 and Black gets an attack for the material.

    When Uhlmann gave up several moves later, he was near to losing his queen and a rook for a rook and bishop, and was down three pawns.