10 October 2008

"It is like it is"

In Bonn, where the World Chess Championship begins on Tuesday, Frederic Friedel interviewed Vladimir Kramnik. Friedel asked the former and (possibly) future world champion about computers and their merits:

[Friedel] You are using computers extensively in your preparation

[Kramnik--Ironically] Yes, from time to time

Do you think that, under the line, it is a good thing that we have computers? Is it good for chess, or is it bad?

What do you think: is it good that you have the Internet or is it bad? [Waits for an answer]

Hmmm. Good, I think.

Actually it is like it is, it is not good or bad, it is like it is and you have to adjust to it.

Read the whole interview at ChessBase News.

This match should be a great one. Both players are at the top of their game and are true sportsmen.

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  1. I read that interview. Looks like at least psychologically he is in a good shape. I expect very interesting, tough match.