21 October 2008

Mental Errors

This wild position came out of a reputedly tame French Exchange. I had Black.

Black to move

It was a three minute game and I spent almost half a minute contemplating the correct move, but played something else that seemed reasonable at the time. The moment of opportunity passed. Instead of having the advantage, I was fighting a losing battle.

I should have played 29... ____!


  1. 29... Qf1+ !! (Black wins a rook if I am not wrong.)

  2. Yep, that maintains an advantage. I played 29...b6 instead and learned that White had no need to protect the knight.

  3. Why 29. ... b6? If i can count correctly you are two pieces down, a bishop and a knight so white may give one of those two pieces back and is still having a piece advantage. b6 also smashes your reasonable safe kingposition.

    So the only reasonable move is Qf1+ after which black will have to give up his rook afterwhich it's B+N+Q+5pawns versus R+Q+6pawns giving black a small advantage of a pawn.

    I think your thoughtproces went bogus there for a moment.

  4. chesstiger,

    Your harsh words are on the mark--my thought process went bogus. I knew that I was down two pieces, so why did I try to win one back when there was a rook for the taking? Perhaps I overestimated my chances of getting a second queen.