27 May 2011

Smother Mate

In a three minute blitz game, White has played 27.Kf2 to step out of a pin.

Black's plan of attacking the knight with g5-g4 no longer makes sense. But changing plans with seconds remaining on the clock can be difficult.

27... g4? 28.Ng5 Qh1?

Black overlooks the threat.

29.Nf7+ Kg8 30.Nh6+!

Black resigned in view of 30...Kh8 31.Qg8+ Rxg8 32.Nf7#.

07 May 2011

Play like Smyslov

I'm preparing the workbook for my upcoming chess summer camp. This year most of the problems come from the games of Vasily Smyslov. His quest for harmony and truth in chess performance will be the theme.

Here he faced Svetozar Gligoric in the Chigorin Memorial, Moscow 1947. Smyslov had Black.

Black to move