25 December 2017

Holiday Cheer

I usually play a game or two of online blitz on holidays. These days are devoted to family time, but there are always a few moments when everyone else is sleeping or otherwise occupied, so I sneak in a game of chess. This morning, the investment of a knight gave me a nice position in a classical French.

White to move

My bishop is prepared to come to d7 with tempo, then the other rook can join the fray and all of my pieces will be aiming at White's royal family while his pawn storm is less threatening than the skiff of snow that fell on my deck overnight.


20.Qa3 seemed necessary.

20...Bd7 21.Qa3 Rfb8

My opponent realized the hopelessness of his position and wished me Happy Holidays!

23 December 2017


Several of my students have seen this position this past week. None have succeeded. It is one that I use from Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual.

White to move